Family History

Since 1835, the Ott family has made its living off of the land on a Noble County farm. Jerry Ott still makes his living off the land, but he’s not a farmer. He is a civil engineer. He and his son, Brad, own and operate Main Street Consulting, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering in Franklin. Indiana.

Company History

Main Street Consulting Company was founded in 1999 by Bradley P. Ott. Brad built this business based firmly on the foundation of 30 years’ experience brought by his father Jerry L. Ott. Bradley P. Ott also served as chief surveyor for Civil Designs LLP for many years ending in 2009.

Helping Others

In addition to the typical surveying & engineering services we also provide a variety of consulting services related to the real estate industry. Download the Adobe PDF below to see the story printed in the local Business Exchange:

Business Exchange Article